Class Video to thank our Duffy Sponsors

We made a class video using Adobe Spark Video to thank the Picton LIons for being wonderful sponsors for our Duffy Books this year. We also included a video of a  song we have composed ourselves and learned to play on the ukulele.

We hope you all enjoy it. Just click on  the link to our class blog Connect2!



Eco Buildings

Mr. Orchard came and showed us heaps of pictures about  buildings from the past. The old buildings were made using cob. Cob is a mixture of clay, straw, manure and water. It's kind to nature because there are no chemicals and ther materilas were all local. We made our own Cob Cottages in groups. We had fun mixing the cob even though out side on the deck it was cold at times. Some of us helped others-we really enjoyed doing the work. We used strings of flax to tie up the roof sticks. We used harakeke to make the rooves.

Room One's Learning

We had a great time with Hana from Japan. We learned how to use chopsticks, how to do Origami and tried out some children's games. Hana and Yuri sang their National Anthem. Hana did some Karete and we copied her. She is a brown Belt-one away from Black. We showed our Buddies how to draw the Japanese flag-it's a sun. we did Origami hopuse with our buddies and added in doors, windows and flowers on the walls. It was fun. Aki, Mari and Hana showed us some Japanese exercises. We made Sushi-it was YUM!

End Of Term One

We wrote about our favourite activities. Everyone liked doing dframa especailly the Hot Seating -it was so much fun. Doing the skteches was really good because we got to learn how to do it darker to show shadow and make it look 3 D. Sailing on steadfast was awesome because we got to pull up the sails, dredge for plankton and test the speed and we saw seals and sea birds. Kaipupu point studies are good because we get to plant seeds, touch the models and see how the traps work. Ben really liked doing Place Value-and he did extra for experts. 

Working Together at Kiwican

We all had to stand in a koru today and try and move around inside it, walking around each other carefully to get in the right order. We think we did a good job. After that we did some role plays about squashing conflict in the playground. Tuterangiwhiu won the GKQ's which is the General Knowledge Questions. He was really fast on the Superhero ones!

Alphabetical Order

We have been learning to use a dictionary efficiently and have been learning about alphabetical order using our spelling words. It is fun!

Clever Clocks

We have been learning how to read and write time on an analogue clock. We are working hard to get our minute and hour hands around the right way, especially when we draw it on our clocks.

Going to the Marae

We have done heaps of learning for our Marae trip. We drew koruru/carved heads that are on top of the Wharenui. We practised doing the hongi with our Buddies. We have learned waiatas. We did papaer sculptures of carved figures called tekoteko. We did Journal Comprehensions all about Maraes. Miss boudier showed us photographs of carvings. We did our own tuktuku patterns in Maths. We learned all about Kupe and the whekenui-which was a large octopus. Our first trip was postponed, but we're still going to go.

Room One Activities

We have been really busy in Room One. We have been learning how to swim and survive in water. We learnt to treat water and how to do skulling hands. We had some help from Gina and Becky from Stadiom 2,000. It was heaps of fun.

In Art we made clay pots and models and we have done Observational Drawings-we did our shoes and then we did Green Hat thinking and designed our very own shoe.

In Drama we have been showing different moods and moving in different ways.

Emergency Rations

Thank you to everyone who has sent in an Emergency Ration Lunchbox for their child. The children have had an opportunity to talk about the type of food that is in it and why they chose certain products. It has been interesting to see the range of non-perishable foods. Keep them 'rolling' in please!

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