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Class Video to thank our Duffy Sponsors

We made a class video using Adobe Spark Video to thank the Picton LIons for being wonderful sponsors for our Duffy Books this year. We also included a video of a  song we have composed ourselves and learned to play on the ukulele.

We hope you all enjoy it. Just click on  the link to our class blog Connect2!



Working Together at Kiwican

We all had to stand in a koru today and try and move around inside it, walking around each other carefully to get in the right order. We think we did a good job. After that we did some role plays about squashing conflict in the playground. Tuterangiwhiu won the GKQ's which is the General Knowledge Questions. He was really fast on the Superhero ones!

Alphabetical Order

We have been learning to use a dictionary efficiently and have been learning about alphabetical order using our spelling words. It is fun!

Clever Clocks

We have been learning how to read and write time on an analogue clock. We are working hard to get our minute and hour hands around the right way, especially when we draw it on our clocks.

Emergency Rations

Thank you to everyone who has sent in an Emergency Ration Lunchbox for their child. The children have had an opportunity to talk about the type of food that is in it and why they chose certain products. It has been interesting to see the range of non-perishable foods. Keep them 'rolling' in please!

Ferry Receives Tsunami Alert

It was Sunday 13th November around eight o’clock.We were waiting in our car in a line to drive onto the Interislander. Suddenly the line started moving and we were able to drive into the front of the ship. (the bow)

Earthquake - A Scary Experience

I had just got into bed when... “VIOLA! Wake up there’s an earthquake!” my dad said shaking me awake.
I didn’t know why but they took me and Julie outside and dad said that we had just had an earthquake and our table is too small for us all to fit under plus our house stands on poles and if those poles fall the house falls with it, so we had to go outside.

When we came back in I was so, so, so tired, that I nearly fell asleep on the couch and we were all so scared!

Rocky Night on the Farm

On Sunday night I stayed at my friend Leilita’s house. She lives on a farm at Koromiko. After tea Leilita and I had a wash and climbed into the big double bed together. We chatted for ages and finally fell asleep.

I woke up and thought I heard some really strong wind, because we were sleeping in an old farmhouse that was two storied. Leilita woke up too and she also thought it was wind, because the windows were rattling.

Crossing the Cook Strait for Kiwican

Kiwican was very exciting as usual today, but we all got a lovely surprise when Di and Jesse told us that we were going for a walk to the foreshore to welcome in the kayakers who had crossed the Cook Strait in order to raise money for Kiwican. What a magnificent effort and great teamwork and resilience.

Timestables in te reo

This year in class we have been focussing on writing in te reo. We have been looking closely at macrons and seeking support to ensure the correct spelling.

We have worked through a series of acitivities over the year. Our main topics have been:

mihimihi - We created our own slideshows to use when we are on the class media team.

te huarere - We record the weather daily on our own weather charts and choose the icons.

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