Board of Trustees

Picton School is fortunate to be supported by a dedicated Board of Trustees, elected from the school community. The Board meet at 7:00 pm on the third Monday of each month. Parents are welcome to attend Board meetings


Chairperson Pauline Gregory
Finance Sheriee Jamieson
Personnel Dale Ashworth
Property Bosun Huntley
Health & Safety Joanna Huntley
Principal Alister McCosh
Board Secretary Glenda Strawbridge
Staff Representitive Liz Ives

The Board is responsible for

  • Governing the school
  • Managing school personnel
  • Building and school maintenance
  • Making and reviewing policies
  • Accounting for government funds
  • Consulting with parents

School Donations 

The Board of Trustees, in consultation with the parents, endeavours to keep our school donations as low as possible. Fundraising is ongoing to assist in keeping the school donations to a minimum. While these donations are not compulsory, they go directly towards assisting the children's learning programme by providing additional resources. This money covers the short fall in Ministry of Education funding levels.

Currently donations are set at:

One child                  $40

Two children              $60

Three plus children      $80


The school does not have a designated uniform, but there is an optional sport polo shirt which can be worn at anytime. It can also be used as a representitive top for sporting and cutural events. This can be purchased through the school office.