Picton School prides itself on having very high standards of academic achievement and self esteem. All children are supported to achieve to their full potential and this is reflected in the skills they bring to their individual work.

Emphasis is always on trying to achieve 'A1 Standards' in all work. Our teachers also seek to maximise active participation by children in learning activities. A collaborative learning approach has been shown to have tremendous benefit for learning, classroom programmes and for behaviour management.

Our classrooms are fitted out with modern learning tools in order to teach our children 21st century skills.

The school offers the full range of subjects from the New Zealand Curriculum Framework:

Literacy, Mathematics, Science, Technology, Social Sciences, Health & Physical Education, Information Technology,Te Reo Maori and The Arts.

A variety of support programmes are organised each year to cater for both extension and remedial needs. All children's progress is carefully monitored to ensure children succeed to their full potential. Parents are kept informed of their child's development as a three way partnership between school, child and parents makes for the best possible education achievement.