End Of Term One

We wrote about our favourite activities. Everyone liked doing dframa especailly the Hot Seating -it was so much fun. Doing the skteches was really good because we got to learn how to do it darker to show shadow and make it look 3 D. Sailing on steadfast was awesome because we got to pull up the sails, dredge for plankton and test the speed and we saw seals and sea birds. Kaipupu point studies are good because we get to plant seeds, touch the models and see how the traps work. Ben really liked doing Place Value-and he did extra for experts. 

Learning to set, dig and spike in Volleyball was awesome and doing partner games in Fitness. We are all getting good at our warm-ups.

Learning the time was good because we need it for everyday life.

Making clay and paper sculptures was fun especially doing the Maori legend ones. 

Going to the Marae was really good because we had done lots of learning about it-we did waiata, Journal Comprehension, sculptures, drawings and legends.

We have also been learning to link up our handwriting-it's really fun-Kane is independent already.